Growth Groups

Growth Groups

Common Ground Church is a church of growth groups.

One of the goals of Common Ground is to intentionally connect people into a small, caring community (growth group) with the purpose of making fully-devoted, fruitful followers of Jesus Christ.

We believe that through involvement in these smaller groups, each of us has the opportunity and ability to become more closely connected to others in the church, as well as providing the foundation for deeper learning and FUN!

Foundations of the Faith is an 8-week course designed for those who come to Common Ground and want to learn more about the basic foundational principles and core values upon which our church is built. More importantly, this course is designed to get you started or further along in the lifetime process of discipleship and get you connected into a caring community of believers. Announcements are made when a new Foundations of the Faith course is starting soon.

After completing the Foundations of the Faith course, we will help you chose a growth group to attend. Groups meet with varying frequency on different nights of the week. Each group selects a subject to study, going through a book of the Bible or studying a Bible topic.