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Day Five

by Gary Johnson

Greetings one and all, It was our last day of teaching at the conference and what a day it was. We started our day by walking about 2 miles down towards one of the main rivers in the area at about 6:30 AM to do some baptisms. What a special privilege and honor it was […]

The Haitian Bucket Bath

by Gary Johnson

Because we have no showers or running water we have one large blue 50 gallon drum filled with cold water in the bathroom. As one prepares for the Haitian Bucket Bath (similar to the Liberian Bucket Bath), you first must prepare your mind for cold mountain rain water to be splashed across one’s fleshly elements. […]

Haiti: Blog 2, Day 3

by Gary Johnson

Creole is the native tongue in Haiti. All the other languages that I fluently speak like German, Spanish, Greek and English just get in the way of trying to learn another one. Of course none of us speak Creole, so it’s been both fun and frustrating at times. Yesterday as we started our Bible teaching, […]

First Blog from Haiti

by Gary Johnson

Blog 1  Day 1 One Long Day! It started with the news late in the evening that Katie’s mom fell and broke her hip and isn’t doing that well. So Kate will be heading to the hospital first thing in the morning to check on her mom. Woke up this morning at 1:00 AM, showered, […]

Our Vision of God

by Gary Johnson

Every January we as a family of Common Ground come together at our annual All Church Visionary Gathering. The purpose of these gatherings is to acknowledge where we’ve been with God, and to look ahead and dream and to cast a vision of what God wants from His church and where we are headed as […]

A Pastor’s Prayer (Part 5)

by Gary Johnson

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas is a traditional greeting during this particular time of year. What are we to make of such a greeting when we wish upon our family and friends a Merry Christmas? Obviously we are wishing for them good fortune and happy times during this traditional holiday season. But is that all there […]

A Pastor’s Prayer (Part 4)

by Gary Johnson

The other day I had some pastors pray for me. And what they prayed for in particular was that God would bless our church and that God’s favor would be upon me. I’ve somewhat wrestled biblically with what exactly we mean when use those phrases. Of course I desire to be blessed by God, and […]

A Pastor’s Prayer (Part 3)

by Gary Johnson

When one thinks about church growth what does one think about? What comes to your mind when people discuss church growth? Believe me, the topic of “church growth” is constantly on the mind and heart of almost every pastor. And sadly in today’s American church this is what characterizes and stigmatizes and distinguishes a supposedly […]

Prepare Him Room

by Alfie Kult

Oh for a fall that would last forever… Or at least until spring could come. The last week has been pretty hard on the notion that maybe winter might skip us this year, and already the stores are filling their aisles with things of Christmas. You have to admit were we to miss winter, we […]