The Common Ground Covid Connection – May 28

The Common Ground Covid Connection – May 28

Greetings beloved family of Common Ground,

This Covid Connection is going to be about some upcoming news and events and information that we as a leadership team are quite excited about.  This coming Sunday at 10:00 AM is our First-Ever, Best-Ever Outdoor Service.  Pack a few lawn chairs for you and your family.  We will be parking 6 ft apart and you will be shown where to park by a very friendly face, that looks a lot like Pat Moore, one of most beloved elders or at least he’s the oldest and wisest elder.

Further directions will be given during our worship service announcements by the always sweet smelling and finely dressed Aaron Pompilio, also known as the Italian Stallion, or as some of us like to call him, “pretty, pretty pony.”  You will also notice the change in our worship flow and order.  We are going to change it up a bit so as to better accommodate the State and health regulations for church services.  And we will continue with this new service flow and order once we move back inside our building the following Sunday.

Yes, you heard it correctly, we will be moving back into our lovely sanctuary on Sunday, June 7th, 2020, in wonderful heartfelt public worship!!  Thank You Jesus!!!  

We are doing everything possible to make our coming back together in person a very safe environment but trusting in Christ above all.  We will follow a Covid-19 Preparedness Plan for Common Ground Church, which we are asking everyone to abide by as best you can.  We will be disinfecting all important hand touching areas on a pertinent basis.  We will have assigned seating for all members and families.  We will be spreading out the chairs for appropriate distancing.  There will be proper locations of sanitizers in our building as well.  We are trusting all of you to use wisdom when coming Sunday mornings obviously staying home if not feeling well.  We will be sending our Covid-19 Preparedness Plan for Common Ground Church to all members of our precious church family. 

Please continue to be in heartfelt prayer and that our sovereign Lord and Savior will have His way with all of us.  Pray for souls to repent and trust in Jesus Christ alone.  Pray that your own heart would be awakened to a greater presence and reality of Christ’s Spirit.  Pray on a daily basis that your sins be forgiven.  Pray that your hunger and thirst for all things Jesus would increase.  Pray for our fallen sinful nation and ways that we can serve others that are hurting.  Pray that our love would increase for people that may not look like us.  Pray for the family and friends of George Floyd and the rioting in our city streets.  Pray that this Sunday would be a marvelous time in gathering together again and our Great God of the galaxies would be made much of.   Pray for our missionaries who too are struggling in these strange times.  Pray that jobs would come back, and mouths would be fed.  Pray for your pastor and elders of Common Ground.  Pray that our holiness and sanctification would continually progress all for the glory of God!  Pray the Lord’s Prayer with your entire family at a set time every day until we meet IN PERSON this Sunday!

Stay Safe!  Stay Connected!  Stay the Course in Christ!  SEE YOU SUNDAY! Making Much of Jesus!!!

Pastor Gary