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Last blog from Africa

by Gary Johnson

Greetings in the name of the Lord, We have returned from our jungle expedition and it was simply stunning to experience.  Some of it was so primitive I thought I was part of the cast in a Tarzan movie.  Below are some more of my observations. Observations from Africa: There is no speed limit or speed […]

Graduation Day in Liberia

by Gary Johnson

Day 9, Blog 6 Today was our graduation ceremony and all who attended received wonderful certificates of graduation.  Yes we are all relieved that it’s over, we are totally exhausted, but extremely grateful for all that God is doing.  For the first-ever, best-ever Liberty Pastor’s Conference, it was all the work of GOD!  The official […]

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

by Gary Johnson

Day 5, Blog 4 Woke up again to no running water, so took my usual cold water bucket and dumped over my head and then splashed where I could. We are laughing much in the joy of our Lord. At the conference today I wore my Irish green bow tie, green boxers and green socks […]

Personal Observations

by Gary Johnson

Day 4, Blog 3 Personal Observations: 1.   Nobody seems to smoke in Liberia. 2.  There is a certain distinct fragrance in Africa – hot, humid, mixed with a salty ocean scent. 3.  Everyone seems to be carrying something; on their head, in a wheelbarrow, with their arms, on their back, in old trucks and on […]

A prayer request from Africa

by Gary Johnson

Day 4, Blog 2 Woke to hot and humid as the power went out again.  No running water so had to splash water from a bucket for my morning shower.  God keeps us all humble. Please pray for a fellow pastor here – his name is Ben Mumford and he is one of the main […]

Long flights, short beds

by Gary Johnson

Day 2 Blog 1 Fifteen hours sitting, cramped, and our sovereign God chose to give to me the middle seat, between two kindly dudes on an airplane, and we finally arrive at our desired destination via Ghana.  No one knew we were stopping in Ghana en route to our final stop in Liberia and no […]

Off to Africa!

by Maria

Today’s the day the pastors are on their way to Africa! Please keep them in your prayers every day during this mission trip as they teach other pastors in Africa. Today we can especially pray for safe travels for all of them. To read all of the blog posts about this trip to Liberia, click […]

Prayers for the Liberia Mission Trip

by Gary Johnson

Our team will be traveling to Liberia for two weeks, from March 13-27, 2014. Our plan is to provide some much needed Biblical teaching and training to some 200 plus African pastors. The name of the conference is “The Liberty Pastors Conference.” I will be teaching two classes every day, one in the morning and […]

Books for Africa

by Alfie Kult

A HUGE THANK YOU needs to go out to the Gospel Coalition International Outreach Team! Pastor Gary and Alfie were able to pick up 160 copies of The Supremacy of God in Preaching by John Piper for Gary to take to Africa for the pastors that are attending the Pastors’ Conference this March! The Gospel […]