Long flights, short beds

Long flights, short beds

Day 2 Blog 1

Fifteen hours sitting, cramped, and our sovereign God chose to give to me the middle seat, between two kindly dudes on an airplane, and we finally arrive at our desired destination via Ghana.  No one knew we were stopping in Ghana en route to our final stop in Liberia and no one knew we would sit on the tarmac for another  3 hours as the federal authorities dismantled our plane seat by seat, looking for bombs, which I suppose is a good thing.  And then some lady got sick so we waited another hour or so as the ambulance came and took her away. Without sounding super super-spiritual, it was the worst flight of my life. Oh and by the way I hadn’t slept in two days.  God sure has a way of keeping us humble.

Without any more delays we finally arrive in Liberia at 6:00 PM Liberian time to 87 degrees of balmy heat. And you quickly realize we’re not in Kansas anymore. We get to our house and fall into our beds at around 9 PM. My roomie is Jonathan, all 6’ 2” of him, and our beds are made for munchkins. It reminded me of the bed scene in Green Eggs and Ham if you can picture that. Jonathan’s bed had a great sink hole in it; we almost lost him last night. We have lost power twice, which means the AC goes off at the mission house, which means it’s hot! We awake to the choice of a cold shower or no shower. I chose the cold shower. God is good! The six pastors are going to pray up, worship in song and then we are heading to the one Christian radio station in the country to be interviewed. God is good! May He alone be glorified! And last but not least, I love you all and miss you all.

Making Much of Jesus!!!
Pastor Gman

P.S. Did I mention I am wearing long pants…

Pastors at the airport in New York
At the airport in New York
Pastors on the airplane
In the plane to Africa
Photo of Ben's friends
Pastor Ben’s friends
Photo at the radio station
At the radio station
Photo of Gary's shade tree
My shade tree