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Prayers for the Liberia Mission Trip

Our team will be traveling to Liberia for two weeks, from March 13-27, 2014. Our plan is to provide some much needed Biblical teaching and training to some 200 plus African pastors. The name of the conference is “The Liberty Pastors Conference.” I will be teaching two classes every day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The course I will be teaching is called “How to Study the Bible.” There will be six pastors going, including myself, and each pastor will be teaching an assigned course twice a day as well. The weather is expected to be very hot and humid while we are there. Liberia is considered to be a fairly poor Third World country.

I am asking you to seriously commit to praying every single day for the two weeks that we are there for each of the pastors. (The names of the pastors going are Al, Mark, Gary, Jonathan, Nhiem, and Ben.) Prayer is absolutely crucial for this work of God to be sustained and empowered and fruitful. Therefore please earnestly consider this challenge in persevering prayer. I would encourage you to be very intentional in your praying. Schedule a set time every day, be it for 5, 10, 15 minutes or longer, but please pray! Ask others to join you in this wonderful and urgent task. And pray with a cheerful and joyful heart expecting our great God of the galaxies to do what He promises to do above and beyond what we may ask or think! Pray for safety and protection! Pray for souls to be saved! Pray that our teaching would be clear and understood! Pray for spiritual renewal and revival! Pray for unity in the team! Pray for health! Pray for miracles! Pray for new relationships built! Pray for the continual leading and filling of the Holy Spirit! And above all pray that God would be glorified in it all!!!