Personal Observations

Personal Observations

Day 4, Blog 3

Personal Observations:

1.   Nobody seems to smoke in Liberia.

2.  There is a certain distinct fragrance in Africa – hot, humid, mixed with a salty ocean scent.

3.  Everyone seems to be carrying something; on their head, in a wheelbarrow, with their arms, on their back, in old trucks and on scooters.

4.  A very young demographic, many, many children.

5.  An extremely happy people, yet they have next to nothing.

6.  Their primary meal and many times their only meal is lunch.

7.  They all wear their Sunday best on the Lord’s Day.

8.  Color, lots of color, they are a colorful people.

9.  Women are seemingly hard and industrious workers.

10.  They are beautiful and friendly people.

11. Rice is good and lots of it.  (Have eaten rice 3 days in a row)

12.  My current weight is . . .

It’s been a crazy busy day, nonstop from morning to right now 10:00 PM.  Please be praying as we start the conference on Monday and I am first up on the schedule. Pray that we would all trust Christ and that Mr. Hyper Active would relax in Jesus. Pray that God would make the messages as clear as possible. It is such a blessing to know so many of you are beseeching our great and awesome God of the galaxies on our behalf. Some of the money that you provided was used to help this wonderful African pastor who lost his home in the storm. I love you all and miss you greatly. I am praying for you all as well.

Making much of Jesus!!!
Pastor Gman

Photo of men on a truck in Liberia Photo of a church in Liberia Group photo in Liberia