Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Day 5, Blog 4

Woke up again to no running water, so took my usual cold water bucket and dumped over my head and then splashed where I could. We are laughing much in the joy of our Lord. At the conference today I wore my Irish green bow tie, green boxers and green socks for St Patrick’s, but they were clueless who he was, lots of confused stares, but they loved my outfit and all laughed at my green socks. I think they think I am a little crazy.

The first day was a great success, we had over 200 people present, possibly more tomorrow.  All the teaching was excellent. Drinking water like crazy and eating rice every day. Our schedule is exhausting because of nonstop activity from 6:00 AM to 5 PM. But God is still so good! This hot and humid weather is taking its toll, but it’s still better than snow. I had my first-ever, best-ever official off the tree African banana!

This is a very poor nation; little children hang around at our meal time and if we leave anything on our plates they quickly pounce on the leftovers. I have seen children wearing a plastic garbage bag for clothes and yet again they smile much, laugh hard and are seemingly happy. Got to go to sleep. Love and miss you all. We have all been praying for our home churches on a regular basis.

Making much of Jesus!!!
Pastor Gman