Last blog from Africa

Last blog from Africa

Greetings in the name of the Lord,

We have returned from our jungle expedition and it was simply stunning to experience.  Some of it was so primitive I thought I was part of the cast in a Tarzan movie.  Below are some more of my observations.

Observations from Africa:

  1. There is no speed limit or speed signs in Liberia.
  2. They still have leper colonies.
  3. Our favorite phrase we use is “ok, yeah” with a nod of the head, because most of the time we are clueless in what they just said.
  4. A double yellow line on the highway has no meaning here.
  5. Liberia has 16 different and distinct dialects.
  6. Saw my first wild monkey.
  7. You can never have too much water to drink.
  8. Crickets in Liberia are 3 times the size of Minnesota crickets and hard to kill if found in your room at night.
  9. Most people seen on a moped (thus far the record is five, 2 adults and 3 children).
  10. What I have witnessed people carrying on their heads: a shovel, a pick axe, a garden hoe, water jugs, long boards and long sticks and long branches, flowers, bags of charcoal, a very large pineapple, a small tree ready to be planted, a variety of food items, etc, etc, etc.
  11.  Never sleep two pastors in one bed!
  12. Liberia needs the good saving news of Jesus Christ to be clearly articulated and proclaimed throughout. May we all repent and believe in Jesus and His saving work of His death, burial and resurrection for the forgiveness of our sin to be saved from God’s just punishment and wrath.  To God be the glory!

Love you all and see you soon! Please pray that we will stay strong and God will keep us healthy as we are completely exhausted in every degree possible. I love my family of Common Ground!

Making much of Jesus!!!
Pastor Gman

Photo of Pastor Gary with a pineapple in Liberia Photo of Pastor Gary in Liberia