Graduation Day in Liberia

Graduation Day in Liberia

Day 9, Blog 6

Today was our graduation ceremony and all who attended received wonderful certificates of graduation.  Yes we are all relieved that it’s over, we are totally exhausted, but extremely grateful for all that God is doing.  For the first-ever, best-ever Liberty Pastor’s Conference, it was all the work of GOD!  The official count was 207 pastors, leaders, elders, deacons and evangelists not including all sorts of wonderful help from kitchen crew and ushers, etc.  There were 75 different churches represented at this conference which is an amazing work of God.  What was truly humbling today was that all of these poor and humble conference participants pooled their monies and then blessed us six unworthy pastors with wonderful African gifts.

We are heading into the interior tomorrow morning, a five hour trek on dirt roads.  We will be there for 3 days and then head back to Monrovia on Monday.

These people are such a warm and joyous people without any of the prejudice you find in the states.  I have made real friends in Christ here that will last an eternity. They want all of us to come to back next year for another conference.  They have said to us, “Why haven’t we ever had a conference like this before?”  They can’t get enough of solid biblical teaching.  The teaching in Liberia is often weak and confused and the prosperity gospel has made its ugly mark here as well.

Every day here you notice something new, fun, strange and amazing: Many of the people here carry things on their head but today I saw one of the best, a guy walking and transporting a small tree on the top of his head. I couldn’t help but laugh!

Making Much of Jesus!!!
Pastor Gman

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