A Pastor’s Prayer (Part 5)

A Pastor’s Prayer (Part 5)

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas is a traditional greeting during this particular time of year. What are we to make of such a greeting when we wish upon our family and friends a Merry Christmas? Obviously we are wishing for them good fortune and happy times during this traditional holiday season. But is that all there is to this Christmas season, good fortune and happy times?

First off I have to admit I’m a certified sentimental sucker for traditions and especially our family’s traditions for the Christmas season. Do we do what we do, year after year, all because of what we’ve learned and were taught by our cultural and family traditions? Do we buy and buy, wrap and wrap, bake and bake, stress and stress just because everyone else is and that’s all we’ve ever known? Is Christmas no more than just a sentimental journey down traditional lane?

The big question to ask is, as Christ-followers, what should be our take on the Christmas season? Why should the Christmas story be of any significance at all to those of us that claim Christ as Lord and Savior?

When I ponder the grand significance of the Christmas story, one word comes to mind and that word is “fulfillment.” Without the coming of the Christ, the Messiah, the Son of God, the Expected One, the Anointed One, the Savior, all would be lost. The first advent of Christ brings the fulfillment of so very much! All biblical prophecy is ultimately fulfilled in Jesus Christ. All the covenants and promises found in Scripture find their meaning and fulfillment in Jesus. The pinnacle and point of the entire Bible is Christ Jesus. Life and death find their answer in Christ alone. Creation, sin, redemption and the final re-creation find their fulfillment in the Savior Jesus Christ. All of history in founded and rooted in Jesus. The meaning and reason and purpose of all existence is wrapped up in the person and work of Christ our Lord.  As cliché as it sounds, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Christ. Without the coming of Christ nothing would be fulfilled, nothing at all, nothing, naught, zilch, zero. Thank you Jesus for your coming and fulfilling everything!

Therefore please pray with me: Most precious Christ, we ask of you in heartfelt humility to bring peace and joy into each of our hearts because you have fulfilled the promise of Redemption, because you alone have given to us your salvation, a salvation that cost You everything, a salvation that is through Your grace alone, because of faith alone in Jesus Christ alone. Oh Lord we beseech You to fulfill in us a greater longing, desire, thirst and hunger for Your living Word and Gospel. Make us humble servants of You, always repentant and ready to proclaim the life-changing message of the Good News to friend, family and foe this Christmas season. Lord Jesus, use us in whatever capacity you deem necessary to see Your kingdom purposes and promises fulfilled in this coming year, all for Your glory and honor forever and ever, AMEN!