Haiti 2018 – Day 2

Haiti 2018 – Day 2

Greetings beloved family and friends,

It’s day two of our trip and day one of our pastors conference. Each year we come to do the conference it continues to grow.  The first year we had 35 pastors, last year when I came we had 56 pastors and today we had a total of 84. God is so good! One thing you learn quickly in these situations is stay flexible. We were told by Haitian friends that the conference would go from 2 to 4 every day. Well today it started at 1:30 and went to 5 PM and afterwards supper was served, another great meal of rice and chicken. The schedule should be the same the rest of the week. We asked if any pastor would like prayer after the teaching today and many came forward for prayer with a variety of requests.

On Friday we are doing an evangelistic music outreach at 4 PM and they have asked if I would do the message at the end. Pray that God’s Spirit would soften hearts and many would trust Jesus’ saving work on the cross.

Time to go to bed and sleep on the floor again, just saw my first mouse scurry across the floor in front of me. We feed them well here. We did get the lumber today to make bunk beds, you never know I might be off the floor by the end of the week!!

Making much of Jesus,
Pastor Gman

Photo of Steve preaching
Steve preaching


Photo of Haiti cooks
Haiti cooks