Haiti 2018 – Days 3 and 4

Haiti 2018 – Days 3 and 4

Hello beloved family and friends,

Days 3 and 4 have been non-stop.  90 plus degrees, hot and humid, preparing, teaching, preaching, praying, singing and trying to learn a few words in Creole, and yes eating chicken and rice again! They have changed the Pastors conference from 4 days to 3 days timewise.  Which means I ended up teaching for 2 ½ hours instead of an hour plus.  The conference goes for around 5 hours without any real breaks in the most hot and humid conditions in a very confined area with no windows or breeze and yet there is never any complaining by anyone, even with their suits and ties on.

All have seemed to thoroughly enjoy the two teaching times, “How to Study the Bible” and “How to Prepare and Preach a Sermon.”  We also brought two books for the pastors this time around, one in the Creole language and one in the French language.  Little things to us are received with tremendous gratitude.  We handed out 104 certificates of completion to a very worthy group of pastors and church leaders.  God continues to sustain us and amaze us in how quickly this conference has grown to a point where they either have to expand their church building or move to a new location.

We brought down a music team this year in two very talented musicians (Justin and Tessa).  They have been a huge hit and their gift in learning the Creole language has been nothing less than remarkable.  Each time we gather they lead us in song and they have already learned 4 songs in the native tongue of Creole. Pastor Steve and I are lucky to pronounce “God bless you” or say “Thank you” in Creole without blank stares at us.

It is so very interesting to try to translate American phrases into Creole for they have no idea what you are talking about.  For example I used the phrase “set in stone” today and no one had a clue what that meant.  So one has to be quite creative at times in the communication process.

The reason for only 3 days of teaching this time around is that our talented musicians are doing a special concert on Friday night at 4 PM and I will be preaching a gospel-driven sermon afterwards.  The Haitians love music and we believe this concert should draw a good crowd to hear a clear gospel-saving message.

I’m still exhausted, thus far I have mostly been standing on my feet for hours at a time.  Yet the people are precious and the One True God of the galaxies continues to be our strength and encouragement.  Trips like this really cause a person to greater dependence in Christ.  As I write this email at 7:45 PM a youth choir is singing below us in the church, wonderful Christian songs.  The activity around here never ceases.

Today’s Haitian Highlights:

The other night going up the mountain road in complete darkness, up these busy winding and curving roads you will notice motorcycles and mopeds traveling down the same road we are going up on and the absolutely scariest thing is that they shut off their engines to save fuel and coast down the mountain road completely quiet with their headlights off, YES their lights were OFF!  They must use sonar like bats, I wonder what their life span is?

Last night I got up to go to the bathroom due to my very effective, you look good for your age bladder, when out of the corner of my eye I noticed movement on the bathroom floor below me, I quickly took a better and lasting look at this strange creature, this strange creature suddenly scurried up the wall.  My mind said “Mice can’t do that, rats can’t do that”  No not a mouse, no not a rat, just a big green lizard. Okay not that big, but it did cause me to run into the bedroom to announce my new find to some very receptive sleeping guys.

It’s now 8 PM and the choir is practicing.  Not sure when bedtime is tonight.  Good news though they are working on bunk beds as I write.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers!!

Making much of Jesus!!!

Pastor Gman